Can you imagine a team that loves coming to work each day?

What if we told you that the Niche team can come in to your business and completely transform your teams productivity, motivation, passion and sales results?
Creating an amazing brand isn't just about a logo and a website the most important part of a brand is having an engaged team to deliver your brand experience.
Being specialists in the health, wellbeing and beauty industry we connect with your team and develop an amazing experience for you, your staff and your customers.


This program features personalised in-house business and team development training workshops and ongoing support. We tailor each training program to suit the needs of your business to optimise sales growth, team development, customer experience and keep your business ahead of the game in your industry. We drive you and your team to achieve outcomes and perform in a way that will grow your business to levels you have been dreaming of.

Your team will connect with our team and find inspiration and drive to succeed and deliver the highest level of productivity and passion towards their work. We will empower your team to lead a healthy and positive lifestyle which will benefit their overall performance and results. This program includes tools and workbooks designed to guide and educate teams on the importance of delivering in unforgettable customer experience to create raving fans and returning customers.

Sales can be a dirty word to some.... Our head workshop facilitator Cassandra has travelled and experienced sales and marketing processes all over the world, using her knowledge and experiences Cassandra has removed the negative baggage that comes the word "sales" by creating the "Experience Selling Model"  this game changing approach to sales is transforming businesses and teams all over the world via face to face workshops and also online platforms allowing Cassandra to share her secret source to business and team success showing entrepreneurs and teams how to level up... (you can read More about Cassandra here)

"Successful start-ups and world-class companies thrive and continue to grow when they have proven sales strategies and processes designed around the customer experience and driven by fully-engaged team members, resulting in high client retention, proactive referrals and more purchases"

How This Program Works: 

  • We carry out a free Consultation to assess your current business and team environment
  • We carry out a business, team & customer experience audit on your current business model to asses the customer journey and customer experience practice currently in place
  • We generate and discuss a review to analyse what is working well and areas for improvement
  • We design and craft team, customer journey and customer experience framework suitable for your business goals, target audience and product/service delivery. (Ideal customer avatars are included)
  • We work with you to plan a training program delivery and a implementation timeline with workshops that suit you and your team commitments
  • We deliver the training program and monitor progress with tracking, feedback and reviews
  • Together we celebrate your growth and success with a productive and inspired team resulting in raving fans + booming business


Expected Outcomes:

  • Loyal and respectful employees
  • Growth and profitable outcomes achieved from more sales
  • Increased client retention rates + referrals (raving fans)
  • Productive, inspired and engaged team members with organisational skills
  • An exciting an empowering team environment, culture and employee moral
  • Development of processes, systems and strategies designed for success, growth and maximised sales


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