Brand Strategy

Got a killer business idea but not sure where to start? We can help you with your long-term development plans from brainstorming your company values and vision to help you define which direction your brand should take. This initial 60 min session should give you great clarity as to what tone and energy you want to give to you brand prior to starting on logo/branding stage.

Brand strategy. Brainstorm of business values, mission, personality and tone of voice. Target market. Competitive analysis. Brand positioning. SWOT analysis. Brand personality. Exploring trends. Key recommendations and benchmarking. Brand pillars and opportunities.

Logo and branding identity

We believe every successful business needs to start with a consistent and unique brand identity. Branding is tricky business, so we want to equip your brand with a visual personality that will get it noticed. These are a few things we offer:

Brand identity design and direction. Logo. Brand Refresh. Brand icons. Typography. Colour palettes. Art Direction. Style guides.

Art Direction

We offer art direction to help conceptualise and create a seamless creative output in all areas of your business. Let us help you with creative direction for your photo shoots, look books, social media, events or anything requiring a ‘look and feel’ with flair.

Creative consultancy. Photography direction. Shoot styling. Visual style consultancy. Concept styling.


We offer website design for e-commerce, large and small business websites. We build websites that are not only aesthetically amazing, but SEO and mobile friendly. We also cater for a lot of other digital needs.

Web design. E-Commerce. Services and portfolio websites. Blogs and directories. Mobile and tablet friendly websites. Art direction. E-books. E-newsletters. Online forms. Online banners. Online ads.


Need photography or videography? Don’t stress, we have you sorted, we can handle all your needs with our range of amazing talented photographers we collaborate with to suit your brand . Our photographers specialise in:

Lifestyle shoots. Product and food photography. Styling. Corporate shoots. Event photography. Brand videos. Shoots for social media. Content creation.

Print + Packaging Design

Design for print is one of our greatest loves. Theres nothing better than seeing and feeling a printed quality finished design in your hands. We promise quality options, which are really only limited by your imagination.

Business cards. Marketing collateral. Packaging design. Illustration. Printing. Point-of-sale material. Invitations. Product catalogues. Lookbooks. Magazines. Books. Editorial. Brochures. Flyers. Corporate stationery.

Social Media

Social media is a huge part of our world and an essential ingredient in business. We can assist in creating an online personality that is consistent with your branding.

Visual direction. Social assets/tiles. Customised design. Content Creation, Social Media Management


Whether it be a slight rewrite or something we generate from scratch, we have copywriters on our books who love nothing more than to work their magic and give your content a little more flair. Our writers are also experts in SEO, so not only will your website speak with perfect clarity, we will make sure your page makes it as far up the list as technically possible.

Business Education

We are all about making sure you have all the tools you need for a successful business. We run corporate workshops for teams to improve business culture, sales  and your customers experience. We make sure your brand is saying all the right things to your customers and you are supporting the people who matter the most in your business, your employees.

Productivity, motivation, passion and sales results, mentoring, strategy, Sales training