“I already have a logo. Can you just design my website or packaging?”

We feel that there is nothing more important for your success than a strong brand identity. With a cohesive look, it’s easy to make decisions about your website, your products, and your customer experience. During the branding process, we take a deep dive into the heart of who you are and why your business exists. Once we create the look and feel of your business, we’ll be able to better serve your ongoing needs as your business thrives. This is why we require all new clients to first start with brand identity.

“Is Squarespace right for me?”

Basically, Squarespace is the best option for anyone who wants a website that they can easily manage without much of a learning curve. Sure, you won’t have as many plugins at your disposal, but you can trust that your website will grow with you and is strong enough to do the heavy lifting online. We believe that just because a platform is template-based does not mean our imagination stops there. We strive to make every website unique and every experience original. And another perk about Squarespace? You can host pretty much everything all in one spot. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a full turn-key web package.

“Is Wordpress right for me?”

If your imagination is running wild and you know your audience is going to be drawn to moving graphics and media-focused content, Wordpress may be the platform for you. The perks of using Wordpress are endless plugins and custom functionality. The downside? It’s not an easy platform to maintain over time, especially if your site requires heavy coding. You may need to hire a long-term developer to make updates. You’ll also be responsible for hosting your own Wordpress site on a hosting platform, like GoDaddy or Bluehost. If working off of a template just doesn’t cut it for your business’ needs, Wordpress may be the best choice for you.

“Is Shopify right for me?”

We recommend Shopify for any business that is primarily e-commerce-based with a high volume of diverse inventory. Shopify contains a large volume of apps and commerce-specific functionality that will benefit online shop owners. However, if you’re just getting started, want to simplify the backend, or have products that easily fit within a smaller list of categories, Squarespace Commerce may be a better fit.

“What’s it like to work with you?”

I believe that the best (and most original) ideas happen collaboratively and that everyone has their own creative ideas. That's why I take a partnership approach to each brand I work with, in order to maintain the integrity of your business. I believe that great design does more than decorate a page - it tells a powerful story and points to a deeper purpose. I am an advocate for the brands I choose to work with and feel a true connection to each creative business owner who comes through my studio doors. This is why I offer honest feedback, imaginative ideas, and excellent design to each and every creative entrepreneur I have the pleasure of working with.

“How much does branding cost?”

While we practice a fluid pricing model (estimating projects based on the needs of our clients instead of set design packages), our branding projects typically range from $3,000 - $10,000 depending on the scope of deliverables and whether or not a website is included.

“How long does a branding project take?”

Depending on the scope, our branding projects typically take between four to six weeks, with an additional six to eight weeks for web design and development. Before your project begins, you will be given an outline of the project to make sure we are all on the same page for deadlines and an estimated launch date!