YOU MAY BE WONDERING WHY YOU ONLY RECEIVED ONE BRAND CONCEPT INSTEAD OF THE STANDARD INDUSTRY 3? We are no way saying that we are perfect but we have worked hard on our process so that we have a firm handle on your brand strategy before we start your project. Rather than giving you 1 solid concept with 2 mediocre ones we want to put all our energy in focusing on developing the BEST solution that we can. This focus allows us to fully immerse ourselves into working an amazing concept centred around your client or customers and using our expertise to come up with an amazing brand that will speak to your people.

We want to make things as easy for you as we can so we've given you some helpful jumping off points to help with the refinement of your branding that you have received.  We know sometimes it can be hard to communicate constructive feedback that gets your brand to exactly where it needs to be. 

The word “refinement,” , is defined as follows: the improvement or clarification of something by the making of small changes. Simply put, it encourages positive collaboration. So instead of focusing on what's wrong and succumbing to subjective opinions, we'll analyse what's working and tap into how we can make the design even better.

Below we have provided you with a form for you to fill in. Once your answers are provided, we’ll let you know if there are any other that queries from us, or if we believe a phone call is needed for further discussion and / or clarification. We will then proceed with the refinement of your brand to get it to where you are super excited about it and ready to finalise and put it into action.