Authenticity exists in every brand. We’re here to help you unlock it, and leverage it to realize exceptional results. We get at the heart of your brand through a unique process of strategy, identity, expression, and alignment. What emerges is the story of your brand. It’s an authentic story that fosters an invaluable relationship between you and your customer.


Understanding Your Environment

You can’t plan for the future without knowing where you stand today. Our Brand Audit provides a clear and honest look at the way your brand is currently perceived. We begin by getting to know your audience on the deepest level, conducting customer interviews designed to glean their perceptions, motivations and needs. We then carry out in-depth reviews of your existing communications and competitive landscape, bringing to light your brand’s real-world influence.

Unlocking Your Brand

The next step is the Brand Positioning phase. Here, we identify what boldly differentiates your brand in the minds of your customers. Our proprietary positioning workshops identify multiple dimensions of brand personality, unlocking and potentiating brand meaning. They include hands-on, collaborative exercises that define your core attributes. What makes Niche unique is that we draw on techniques from the fields of behavioral psychology, sociology and mythology to illuminate a unified brand portrait.

Telling Your Story

The result of this collaborative process is the Brand Brief, a foundational document that succinctly articulates who you are and why you exist. It’s centered on the Big Idea, a densely packed yet scalpel-precise statement that encompasses everything your brand represents. These elements are finally woven into the Brand Narrative, a story rich with imagery and texture that inspires people to feel intimately connected and ultimately moved by your brand.


  • Market Research
  • Customer Interviews
  • Brand Audits
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Purpose & Values
  • Audience Personas
  • Content Strategy
  • Naming
  • Taglines


Sequencing Your Visual DNA

Only by truly understanding a brand can you effectively craft its image. So, the process of developing an authentic identity is founded on the discoveries made in the Brand Strategy phase. The central elements of the Brand Brief—personality, positioning and differentiation—are leveraged to define your brand’s aesthetic core. Driven by these insights, the Brand Identity phase is nothing less than the creation of your visual DNA—what we call a visual identity system.

Shaping a Profound Identity

Your brand identity system is a unique and unified visual language that boldly represents your brand across all touchpoints. It encompasses distinguishing colors, typography, and symbols that evoke your brand’s unique ethos and authentic expression. More than just a logo, your identity should foster immediate recognition and elicit emotions of identification and preference within your customers. Ultimately, it’s a visual metaphor designed to convey your brand’s authentic essence in a way that resonates with your audience on a deep and personal level. At NICHE, our goal is to make this metaphor relevant, and memorable.


  • Logos
  • Color Palettes
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Illustration
  • Identity Suites


Engaging with Expression

Successful Brand Expression is a balance of consistency and flexibility. It gives you the ability to engage your target audience and effectively convey the core promise of your brand, regardless of medium. It’s a symbiotic interplay of visual and verbal language that seamlessly embodies your brand’s ethos.

Capturing the Eye

The visual component of Brand Expression aligns design elements with brand personality, ensuring an authentic tone and mood. It is the cohesive culmination of the elements of Brand Identity. It comes to life in touchpoints across the spectrum—digital and print, photography and video, mobile and social.

Wielding the Power of the Pen

The verbal component comes in the form of messaging—copywriting and content that precisely communicate your differentiating value. It’s content that arrests your audience’s attention and provokes them to engage. At Niche, we are meticulous about content creation, going to great lengths to ensure that tone and messaging are powerfully representative of your brand.

Brand Expression is the story of your brand as told to the world. We make sure it’s a story they can’t put down.


  • Website & Mobile
  • Digital Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Motion Graphics
  • Signage
  • Environments
  • Packaging
  • Collateral
  • Stationery
  • Vehicles


Staying the Course

The launch and rollout of a new brand identity is an exciting time. You get to show the world the fruits of your labor—a compelling expression of your brand truly and fully embodies its authentic personality. But this rousing chapter is just the beginning. Without continuing efforts to share dynamic yet harmonious content across the media spectrum, your labors are essentially all for naught.

Partnering for the Long Haul

Niche’s ongoing services for the implementation and management of your brand ensure you get the most out of your investment. We understand your brand on the deepest level, so you can be confident we’re most qualified to oversee its assets and execute its communications. In addition to essential staff training, we offer efficient content development that not only maximizes your brand’s impact, but ultimately reduces the burden on your marketing budget. By establishing clear, rolling metrics, we make certain your brand is performing to its utmost potential whilst remaining relevant in an ever-changing modern media landscape.


  • Brand Rollout
  • Brand Trainings
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Metrics
  • Alignment Audits