Overcoming Procrastination

Paul Meyer said it best; "Productivity is never an accident it's the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort"

Many entrepreneurs and business owners work from home, and while working from home sounds exciting and desirable there are certainly downsides.


Most people often see the perks of working in a home office; Zero overheads, comfortably and no commute to work.
They fail to consider the distractions that can take place; Lack of interaction and connection with colleagues and zero team environment.

I have asked some friends who also work from home, what their biggest challenges were and it was really interesting to hear their responses. The main challenge that my friends referred to was procrastination. This is a good topic and I thought I would look more into procrastination as I am an old procrastinator from way back.

I learnt a few years ago to overcome procrastination by sticking to a daily plan with prioritised tasks so my mind can't wonder too much. It has helped me immensely over the years. I still certainly have days and moments stuck in procrastination however I am constantly evolving and growing and I continue to implement daily rituals that I know work for me to ensure I am kicking goals and ticking off tasks. I guess you could say my life is one big check list and I am ok with that because it works for me. My business partner is a creative and if her day is too structured her creativity can be affected. It's about finding what works for you to overcome challenges. 

I found this great read on procrastination "Laziness Does Not Exist" by E Price 

This article really opened my mind up in more ways than one, I have actually read this piece of writing more than once now and passed it around to some of my friends who have thanked me as it shifted the way they are managing their business efforts and as a result helped them overcome the dreaded and debilitating procrastination. It may just help you too if there's an area you are struggling with when working from home, managing your work life balance and overcoming procrastination. 
Cassandra Hill

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