Work Life Balance - How does it affect your business?

Find your balance and stand with it. Find your song and sing it out. Find your cadence and let it appear like a dance. Find the questions that only you know how to ask and the answers that you are content to not know.
— Mary Anne Radmacher


So at the Niche office we’ve been talking about balance in life and work and discussing about how some people scoff at the idea of work life balance and don’t believe in it. I find it a fascinating topic more because I think it’s how we define the word

We are big believers here at Niche and the Lifestyle lab in Work Life Balance and we strive to check in with ourselves daily to make sure we are walking the talk.

What does balance mean anyway? – well to me it definitely doesn’t mean that I’m taking from one thing to give to something else to balance it up. I really don’t think that helps anyone in the long run and the idea of that you are always coming from place of lack instead of love feels a bit off to me. How can you feel like you are giving it your all and fully being present when you are taking away from one thing to give to another?

No, I think an abundant mindset is way more appealing. The old fill yourself up first is definitely something that rings true here.  Isn’t it better to give from a place of generosity rather than of obligation?  Imagine how you feel when you receive something out of obligation rather than of love? No Thank You!

What I do think balance means is flowing with the natural rhythm of your life to create a stable base where you are able to give and receive with love.

Being in balance means being self-aware and tuning into your body, setting boundaries of what’s going to work for you at that particular time depending on your energy and what’s happening in your life.

I think we all get caught up in the pressure to do what’s “expected” of us and lose sight of what’s important to ourselves. Just like how one diet is not a diet for everyone. One person’s point of balance is different from another’s.

Once we step away from the pressures that we put ourselves under we can really hear what our bodies are saying to us. Some weeks we are tired and unmotivated and instead of pushing ourselves to do things that we feel we ought to, maybe we should listen and go with the natural flow of the rhythm of our lives. Going full tilt is unsustainable just as is laying flat-out on the couch 24/7.  I think somewhere in the midst of the obligations and commitments that we force on ourselves and others we really need to come back to the self and focus on what’s important to us and our values.

What if we asked this sort of self-aware thinking in our employees as well? No one can be perfect 24 /7 and with that kind of pressure no one can be creative or sustain the level that is needed to serve people on a day to day basis. I don’t know about you but when I try to force a design it always looks rubbish or takes 10 times as long to complete than if I give the time to feel how I feel or do something that isn’t as challenging and come back to it.  By accepting what’s happening instead of fighting it and pushing up stream we step into the flow and find our balance.  When I go with the flow and create with ease and grace it works out so much better for everyone, the client myself, and the general feeling of wellbeing that it creates. We can apply this to all facets of our life it’s not just about a person in a creative field.

So I think balance is less about taking away and feeling like you are missing out on something and more about just checking in with yourself to make sure you aren’t doing anything out of obligation or over commitment. The feel of coming from a place of abundance and gratitude is far more expansive and beautiful, life is far too short to be living contracted and in dis-ease.  Here’s to a life filled with generosity, expansiveness and abundance all done with ease grace and most of all with love.