3 Signs you might need a rebrand

Over time things change and your brand has to change with it. The people you once served may no longer need your product, or your brand just doesn’t catch the attention it once did.

As business owners we all reach a point that often calls us to evaluate the state of our business and ask ourselves whether or not we are reaching our potential and serving our customers how we could be. Taking stock of things can leave you wondering whether or not you should look at investing in a Rebrand. We’ve been chatting with our potential clients who are going through that exact position of trying to work out whether a brand makeover is worth it. And we get it, it can be a tough and a totally overwhelming decision.

By investing in refreshing your brand, you are strategising to reach your ideal clients or customers who can transform the success of your business. We want more than anything to get a real return for our clients who invest in their brand.  Are you not 100% satisfied with your current branding and are starting wonder what you should do, here are a few questions to ask yourself...

Have your services changed?

Maybe your business has evolved to offer different services or products and your "niche" has changed. If your message no longer reflects what you spend most of your days doing professionally, or what services most of your clients are inquiring about, it might mean your brand isn't quite up to date with your business. As your company grows it starts to stand for something totally different than it did in the beginning. Which is a great thing but you have to first recognise and keep up with it. Your brand evolves ultimately to reach new audiences. By repositioning your brand you have to introduce new elements of the brand that will connect your new audience to it. Don’t stop your brand from reaching it’s full potential by holding on to the ideal customer you created in the beginning. Remember that the brand you are today isn’t the brand you’re going to be tomorrow, and neither will your ideal customer.

Has your market changed?

Maybe the demographics of your target market has changed or your focus is on other industries. Your client base is changing and your brand needs to reflect their evolving values and interests so you can attract them and speak the same language. Just as times are evolving so are your customers and with that you have to change as well. There are so many brands out there just like yours who offer the same services and products as you. Which makes it hard to create customer loyalty. In order for you stay ahead of the curve you have to start thinking about what’s important to your target audience.

Is your business showing growth or has it stalled?

Do you have enough money to do the things for the business that you want to? Maybe you’d like to finally hire that assistant you need or outsource your social media or just being able to work on your business rather than simply in it. If you feel like you’ve been coasting along and scraping by for a while, it might be time to think about how a Rebrand could help you look more professional and reach new & bigger markets. 

Also something to remember is that your brand is the most valuable asset to your team. However, rebranding is not always something that needs to be done. So before rebranding do your research and determine whether rebranding is right for you at this very moment. If it’s not then don’t spend money doing so because it will cost you more to rebrand unnecessarily than it will to rebrand for the right reasons.

Have you realised that you're not satisfied with your current brand and not sure how to move forward? LET’S CHAT and we can organise a brand audit to see what you need to do to update your brand. Sign up via the booking button below to organise a half hour chat with us! We’ll help you get back on track so you can hit the ground running into the new season ready to get your mojo back and grow your business!